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We are a people-first software development company that utilises our talent and collaborative mindset to get the most out of new technologies. We live and breathe the agile methodology to scale digital solutions, and wider business requirements, of our enterprise and start-up clients. At cogify, disruption is in our DNA.



Who are we?

You want a complete software solution and digital transformation service?

Our ad-hoc digital and innovative solutions are tailored to each client to meet their individual needs including after-sales maintenance. Cogify was created with the idea of being a cool and young-spirited company where people self-organize and do something that makes them happy.

We are a people-first company with talents from all over the world who have expertise and work in an agile mindset. We believe that happy employees make happy customers!

Partner with us and receive our Swiss touch of the best quality and high reliability.

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What you get

We believe in digital transformation as a means of unlocking true business potential and supercharging productivity

Integrity & Respect

We are a people first culture, that means you, your customers, and society at large. We try to be mindful in all our actions

Mastery in everything we do

No matter how big or small a task is, we do it with excellence and we equate our work to an artform.

Goal Oriented

We always align our goals with your goals. Let us guide you to achieving what is best for your customers

You are our priority

When you become our customer, you become our partner. We value our partnership and always put your needs first


Our values

Betterment Mindset

At cogify we push ourselves to be better, exhibiting the resilient mindset needed to make a real difference in the world. We are mindful in our actions, and try to improve ourselves in everything we do. Every day we strive to be a better person than we were yesterday.

No Politics

We are goal oriented people. Meaningful collaboration and iterative improvement of our work can only be done when ego, titles, and politics are left at the door. Situational leadership based on merit and ideas is the environment we thrive in most.

Leadership and Excellence

Our team is built on integrity and respect in everything that we do. We foster an environment where our people learn, share and grow together, and where honesty and fairness prevail over all else.

People First

Our colleagues and partners are the driving force behind everything we do. By putting brilliant minds together, we facilitate the creation of the highest level of products, creating value for you and your customers.

Betterment Mindset


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