From blockchain to intelligent automation, we grow your business through our technological expertise. By applying the agile methodology to scale digital solutions, we aim to expand the business requirement of our enterprise and startup clients with a range of digital services.

Our services

Let us grow your business through our technical expertise. Cogify offers turn-key custom software development solutions, helping you through ideation, story mapping, project initiation, project management, development, testing and goLive with CICD and DevOps best practices. Our agile team of business and tech experts enable your people to deliver software solutions that exceed your customers’ needs.

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Our process

Product Definition

We have a quick consultation with you where we define the requirements of your product and create real personas with real goals and scenarios.

Flow Journey & Mapping

We then define a flow or journey map of the product which will help us calculate the time and allow us to estimate the actions required.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Afterwards, we create low-fidelity and basic structural guidelines of the product’s layout. Then, we prototype advanced wireframes with more visual detail and interaction ability.

UI & Visual Design

The next step is to design the interface with consistency. We Create not only a system, but a unique language for the entire product.

Layout & Mockup

Here we generate and develop solutions and systems for your product and we build the layout of what was required in your product brief.

Testing & Iteration

For each step mentioned, we gather and iterate feedback from your users and we ensure that our clients leave satisfied every time.

Your product ready to GO!

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